Trinity Hill Church exists to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those who don’t know him.
— Arlan Koppendrayer

What This Place Is About

We are a brand new church! Trinity Hill opened its doors to the public for worship in April, 2017. 

Trinity Hill is an off-shoot of Bridgewood Church in Savage, Minnesota, a church with passion about helping people develop a life deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. Trinity Hill is an expression of that passion. We exist for the purpose of being used by God to connect others with Him.

Trinity Hill Church exists for the purpose of leading people into a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ. We believe that life is more beautiful, meaningful, and hopeful, when lived in an a never-deepening walk with the Son of God. Every Sunday we aim to connect Ancient Truth to the challenges of living today with the hope of rooting people in the eternal God who is three-in-one. That is who we are.

What kind of a church is trinity hill? 

We aim to be a warm and friendly; accepting and open community. The culture in which we live does not often help us connect with life at a deeper level. The preaching and teaching at Trinity Hill will help you understand life better. The friendship at Trinity Hill will help you experience a better life.

Our worship will be contemporary, but we are also very interested in the practice of the early Church. We look to the future, but connect with what Christians have said and done in the past.

We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. We believe that God wants us to have a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is given to all followers of Jesus to help us love him with our whole self and walk with him in a life-long relationship.


Who is leading the Church? 

Arlan Koppendrayer is the Lead Pastor. Arlan’s wife Susan will also be an integral part of the pastoral team. Arlan has significant experience in preaching, teaching and outreach. Susan is a gifted teacher, a creative communicator, a warm, outgoing personality and is a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

Susan and Arlan have been married for 31 years, have 3 children, and have pastored 3 churches. We met while doing campus ministry in Western Pennsylvania. Arlan was at Allegheny College in Meadville and Susan was at Gannon University in Erie. As a preacher Arlan will teach you reliable, trustworthy, life deepening biblical truth.

Who is leading worship? 

KATE FATE_3053.jpg


Kate Fate is a graduate of North Central University in Minneapolis. Her degree in Worship Leadership helps her lead us in singing and worship on Sunday. Kate loves Christ deeply and  really enjoys being part of Trinity Hill.