“Yes! A Deeper Experience!”

The author of Psalm 139 (likely King David) speaks of God’s deep knowledge of the writer. Basically he says, “God you know me. You know my beginning and you know my end. In fact, you knew me before I was made!” This is deep, intimate language about a relationship with the God who made the universe.

It would be very easy for me to understand if someone said, “Really?” Does God really want us to have a deeper journey with him? God is not into experience for the sake of, well, experience! Look, there are many, many, wonderful components of American culture, but we are not experts at authentic relationships; depth and connectedness are not our strongest features. Sometimes we grab onto a trend or experience just to fill the void. So, is a deeper journey just something I jaw about because it appeals to some culturally driven desire for another exotic experience to make me feel alive?

No. Psalm 139, among others, indicates that God wants us deeply connected to Him. “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls”, from Psalm 42:7, doesn’t sound like someone wanting God to be a casual acquaintance. Our faith is just not meant to be shallow.

Fortunately, very fortunately, we have a lot have help. We now have the Holy Spirit; not just a text message away, but living in us. The Spirit can be counted on to prompt us to “a closer walk with God”. The Spirit is good at using our hurts, our disappointments, and despair to draw us deeper into God’s heart. The Spirit also has the Word of God as a key tool in His box to accomplish His work. The community of Christ, the church, seems to be his favorite worksite.

A deeper walk with God is the only walk with God that will satisfy in the 21st century. If our environment becomes more secular, it will be more shallow. That is what secularism does: it removes God from the center of things. Our cultural atmosphere will be less conducive to the presence of the living God, and the spiritual oxygen we need to fill our longings for purpose, love, and meaning. That is the stuff He has, that is the stuff He gives through the Spirit working Christ in us. That is the deeper journey we want!

~Pastor Arlan Koppendrayer